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Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research


Stem cells are decaying organs and currently unthinkable diseases, igniting hopes of rebirth. The patient was greatly encouraged to see that the stem cells were almost fascinating.


Among the various forms of stem cells, the most versatile is the "embryonic stem cell" (ES cell), and the earliest embryonic stem cells were isolated from mouse embryos more than 20 years ago. Embryonic stem cells come from very early embryos. Under normal conditions, they form three different germ layers in the later embryos, and finally all the different tissues in the body. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent because they retain the potential to make any type of cell in the body.


Most of the existing human embryonic stem cells in the world are derived from embryos that have not been used after in vitro artificial insemination. After studying these embryonic stem cells, scientists found that they usually recover after freezing , thawing, and differentiated into a variety of cells in a culture dish. Now we are also becoming more and more aware that these human embryonic stem cell lines are not exactly the same.


Stem cell research has enormous potential in the fields of developmental biology, disease modeling, and cell therapy. The experimental methods required in these fields of research are not only efficient and reproducible, but also preserve the genetic integrity of the cells.


From stem cell culture, stem cell differentiation, stem cell identification, stem cell engineering, stem cell therapy research, stem cell resources, etc.... Stem cells have experienced rapid development in the last decade, from embryonic stem cells to adult stem cells to iPS, and these cells are in animal experiments and The clinical application and the market launch of stem cell products will undoubtedly provide a huge imagination space for future clinical applications. High-efficiency culture of stem cells, maintenance of stem cell stem or differentiation-induced differentiation of stem cells, real-time dynamic observation of stem cell growth and differentiation are all hotspots in stem cell research.

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