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Cancer Research

Cancer Research

Anti-cancer is not just for your research – it is your ambition to advance scientific development on the road to better therapeutic outcomes. Everything in the service of this fight is precious: from samples, technology, data and budget to those who depend on your success. Cancer is constantly consuming life every day. There is no waste of time or room for error.

Cancer has become the number one enemy of human health, and diagnosis and treatment of cancer is one of the most popular research fields. It is precisely because of the enormous obstacles and numerous challenges that respond to this stubborn disease with higher efficiency, faster action and faster development.


Early diagnosis of cancer, identification of cancer genes/tumor suppressor genes, and development of anticancer drugs are several major research directions. The metastatic potential of cancer cells or the ability to migrate/invade neighboring tissues is one of the most important features for determining whether a particular cancer cell population is malignant.


Cancer research is the study of cancer to determine the cause and develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. Cancer research ranges from epidemiology, molecular biology to clinical trials to assess and compare the use of various cancer treatments. These applications include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and combination therapy, such as chemoradiation.


The development of new technologies, such as early detection of tumor markers with extremely high sensitivity, real-time dynamic detection of cancer cell migration/invasive ability, microenvironment culture in vivo and detection of 3D tumor spheres, for early diagnosis and development of cancer The most effective anti-cancer drugs and personalized medicines are essential and a new hope for cancer.

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