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Brooks Life Science Systems
XPeel Automated Plate Seal Removal System

The Brooks XPeel® automatically removes seals from a wide range of plate types with the single touch of a button. A robust and elegantly simple automated system, XPeel eliminates the need for repetitive manual removal of plate seals.

XPeel eliminates the need for lids and thus improves sample integrity; it can operate either stand-alone or integrated into an automated system. This allows fully automated seal removal in wide variety of environments.

The patented XTape® removal medium eliminates the need for “mechanical” removal mechanisms which are prone to failure; as a result XPeel is highly reliable whether used manually or as part of a larger automated system.

XPeel is the industry-standard automated microplate “de-sealer” allowing the adoption of the “gold standard” operating model (sealed plates, no lids) to maximize sample integrity, within both manual and automated environments.

XPeel minimizes cross contamination, repetitive motion injuries, and plate/seal damage characteristic of manual seal removal operations.